Holman Distributors is the Western Australian distributor of a range of Forbo products:

  • Bulletin Board
  • Furniture Linoleum for desk and counter tops
  • Silk Cut artist linoleum


The Bulletin Board and Furniture Linoleum both carry the Quality Green Tick label for environmental sustainability.


Bulletin Board pin board linoleum offers a practical simple solution to collect and exchange thoughts and ideas whenever people plan, create and meet.  Bulletin Board is an all-natural material that can be applied in framed or mounted pin boards or directly to the wall.  Its surface is tactile & colourful, creating a decorative element to any space.  It comes in a range of colours.


Furniture Linoleum is a unique surfacing material for furniture applications such as desks, stools, counter tops, cabinets, doors and displays.  The material is naturally flexible and can be applied on all kinds of constructions.  It has a matt look and feels warm to the hand.  It comes in a range of colours plus the classic greys and blacks.

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