Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of connectors, cables and interconnect systems in the world, yet still offer products in pack sizes to suit our market.

  • Industrial & Environmental Connectors
  • Audio Connectors
  • Smart Card Connectors
  • Wireless & Telecommunications
  • Fibre Optic
  • Printed Circuit Board & Cable Connectors

Audio - AC XLR

Amphenol Entertainment Audio AC Series XLR 3, 4, 5, 6...
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Audio - AX XLR

The revolutionary AX Series of XLR connectors introduce...
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Audio - AC Series A & B

Amphenol AC Series 3 & 5 pin Thermoplastic A Type & AC...
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Audio - AC Series C

The AC Series C type P/Mt chassis receptacles feature two...
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Audio - AC Series PND

This range is designed for for amplifier to loudspeaker...
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Audio - EP/AP Series

EP high power rugged zinc diecast shell for maximum...
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Audio - BNC 75 RF

Amphenol also offer a a range of 75ohm BNC cable...
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Audio - 1/4" Phone

Now Amphenol offer three choices for their 1/4" Mono &...
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Audio - RCA Series

A stylish range of RCA Diecast Plugs and Cable Jacks in a...
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Audio - G Type

Miniature Diecast or Precision Machined Metal version of...
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Audio - MP-41 Series

Circular multipin crimp 13 to 150 contacts, Mil-C-5015...
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Audio - MP-62 Series

Circular multipin crimp 39 & 61 contacts, Mil-C-26482...
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Power and Lighting Heavy Duty Rectangular connectors

Heavy duty connectors for the Mining, Industrial,...
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EcoMate - IP65/67 Circular Connectors

IP65/67 4pin 16amp and 7pin 10 to 13amp circular plastic...
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C16-3 - Heavy Duty Power + Signal

The circular connector series C 16-3 has two housing...
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MIL-C-5015 - Military Connectors

Amphenol MS and 97 Series threaded & Reverse Bayonet Lock...
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MIL-C-26482 - Military Connectors

MIL-C-26482 Miniature Bayonet Lock Connectors. Amphenol...
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164 Series - Waterproof Connectors

Amphenol 164 Series Waterproof Audio Butt contact...
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MIL-C-38999 - Military Connectors

Series I & II plus Series III Mil Spec connectors also...
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Amphe-Power - Power Contacts

The cost effective hyperbolic high power contact in stamp...
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Star-Line EX - Explosion Proof Connectors

The Star-Line EX Series is certified for use in a Zone...
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Connex - Coax Cable Connectors

We are proud to be able to offer quality coax connectors...
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