Audio - 1/4" Phone / 1/4" Phone

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Manufacturer: Amphenol
Now Amphenol offer three choices for their 1/4" Mono & Stereo Straight or R/A Phone Plug connectors. One the T Series Pro Range to meet the needs of the manufacturer and end user, next the Jumbo T Series Pro for the Pro Heavy Duty on-road plug to suit Jumbo cable clamping cappacities, and lastly the Musician Range in a Satin nickle or Black finish. All offering diferent features and benefits that can best suit your application or choice. To complement this range Amphenol also supply a a range of 3.5mm and 6.35mm (1/4") Jacks Mono & Stereo with switching contacts (TRS) vertical and horizontal PCB and Solder tail Panel Mount.

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